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Of course. I’m just looking to promote a great cause.

All I ask is that you keep in mind that I’m in favor of the government promoting itself, and the free market would prefer that it not.

“Don’t try to convince me that a lot of money in the future is going to go to charity. That’s just the opposite of what we should want… It’s always better to give something now rather than later.” This, is just how capitalism functions.

Why am we giving money to charities? It’s because the money spent is helping some people, who may not otherwise know about the charity, benefit from it.

I get it now. You and I have money on the line, and we’re giving it as a token of gratitude. But is that all we have to do? The reason that we’re giving? We’re giving because we want this charity to succeed. The reason for asking for money is because we think it’s going to be helpful to the people we’re going to help. So, we’re not giving it because we are asking for charity – we’re giving it because we think it’s going to help, and it’s going to help.

We’re not asking for charities because we’re demanding charity. Charity should not be a demand that is only enforced by force.

Isn’t capitalism inherently greedy and cruel as well? Isn’t it evil because it is not generous enough? Isn’t it evil because it takes the good from the people that it gives? Isn’t it evil because it prevents people from ever having something better?

Yes and no. Is capitalism inherently cruel?

No. To be cruel, the evil character must be beyond reason

What kind of character would that be, where, even though you know the right way to do things, you would do the wrong thing?

An evil character is an extremely good person. An extreme bad person…

A person who, even to the point of doing harm to others is someone whom you would never want to be friends with.

So an evil character is an extremely good person. But evil characters don’t need to take any charity. What they need is for the good to become the evil.

That’s what I mean by making people greedy. As long as the person isn’t taking charity, they are giving. The person taking charity, they are selfish.

That’s something I’ve been arguing for years, that “If you

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