Can I get a grant to install gas central heating?

Yes. You can apply for a grant from your local health board to install gas central heating with minimal upfront cost. This can make your energy bill more affordable.

How do I know if an application for grants has been made?

You can check the health board’s website for applications.

I’m concerned about a proposed grant or policy for gas central heating, what do I do?

There is no room in your mind for anything bad. It is not your fault.

In your mind, the fault lies with the universe. That is, because the universe is all you know. You can blame that on it being too small or not big enough. It’s not your fault if the universe is as big and complex as you believe it to be, or if the universe is smaller and simpler.

The universe is all you have, all you ever will. It is all of what exists, from all eternity.

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It is a mystery. The universe is all that exists, in all its complexity. It cannot be explained. It cannot be fully grasped. It is too full of mysteries.

Everything that exists is a mystery. Because the universe is too complex and too large to be comprehended.

It is a beautiful unknown, one that never truly existed before. It is an unfathomable and indescribable thing. It is an unknown that could be explored, but only with the right questions and an open mind.

It is a mystery, waiting to be found and explored. It is a mystery that always exists. It is a mystery that makes us doubt life and reality itself. But the more we study it, the more our knowledge grows.

The universe is a mystery.

This is why it is very important to be careful about our beliefs. Everything you ever believe is a mystery. Nothing that is more natural than us is a mystery anymore. Everything that makes us and you both exist, and everything that makes the universe possible, is a mystery. Nothing that can be fully understood has anything hidden within its depths. Therefore, we must all stop making any assumptions about the universe, and start being more inquisitive and open minded in all we do.

You might think that to truly understand the true mystery of the universe, you need to start with a small, simple, and real thing. A life, a country, a religion, a family, people, a culture or place where something you know and love existed. It