Can I use fafsa money for a laptop? – Free Government Money For Low Income Families

Yes, and it won’t get me in an infinite loop over and over again. You need the fafsa credit card for that, though.

I got a fafsa card but don’t want it for my laptop? The fafsa website does not yet allow you to select it. If it does, the payment card details appear as a field in the application – not as a separate page. This can’t be easily altered – that’s too bad.

What happens when my payment card fails? Your fafsa bank will issue a new payment card and your payment card must subsequently be deactivated. Deactivation will usually allow you to withdraw the cash.

Is it free banking? Yes, you don’t pay for access to the bank. You should choose an account where you actually get to keep the cash.

What does ‘fafsa card’ stand for? It is the logo of the UK Government’s fafsa card. Also, to avoid confusion I have the word “card” written in capital letters.

Can I use the fafsa credit card for a laptop? Yes, and it won’t get me in an infinite loop over and over again. You need the fafsa credit card for that, though.

I heard that fafsa has closed, can I get some of my cash back? Cash taken out of your account does not necessarily go into your bank account. Many people are still able to withdraw cash via fafsa but the withdrawal limits have been reduced.

I saw an advertisement for fafsa but couldn’t read about it. How can I get more information? You can always call (0300 2000 4456) or use the Help and Information line on

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It’s one of those rare times when the law changes the very thing on which most people have been using it for years now. As per a recent court order, the Indian Railways has started issuing tickets to passengers travelling alone on a train from Ahmedabad to Patna via Gwalior and Gwalior, even during peak hours.

The Supreme Court had ordered an end to the age-old practice of giving a ticket for only a couple of people for travelling on the same journey. When a court order came down for this change, many citizens questioned the need for these rules, fearing that it might cause a financial burden on them.

The question is, was

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