Can I use fafsa money for a laptop?

Yes. When you purchase new equipment, you will need the fee-free FAFSA form or your tuition bill will pay for it. When you purchase equipment for a class or a course (including a course offered in part by FAFSA), it is your responsibility to register the purchase with the Student Financial Services Center (SFSC) and the SFSC will provide you with a registration fee-free form to use in the SFSC to complete the SFSC application. The SFSC website provides a list of all classes offered at California State University – Fullerton with the class code.

What if I don’t have the fafsa fee-free form to use?

Yes, you won’t know if a student is enrolled in a class until after the class starts. If you don’t know which class is being offered or the class is on, you will have to contact the SFSC or the CSUF Office of the Registrar to get information.

What happens when the fee-free form is sent in.

Once the SFSC or the CSUF Office of the Registrar receives the completed form (FafSA) and pays the $12.15 registration fee, the registration fee is applied to the account. If you do not have a SFSC account, you can submit a payment by check, which will be processed within 72 hours if you file your payment before noon the next business day, and by EBT/cash, which will be processed within 2 business days if you file your payment at the SFSC Office of the Registrar after noon the next business day.

If you want to use a payment method other than EBT, you must visit the SFSC or the CSUF Office of the Registrar to obtain a SFSC number or you will need to pay with funds from your bank account. Fees are not refundable.

How do I find student financial aid offices near my campus?

If you would like to locate a student financial aid office, either online or in person, you can log on to the FAFSA website by clicking the “Find my Financial Aid” link and select your school from the list of possible schools to look up.

Where can I find the best student financial aid opportunities on the West Coast?

All student financial aid opportunities listed are based on availability and costs and are tailored to meet the student needs of each given student and the specific academic, field-of-study, and program of study (if any) desired by the