Do I qualify for free loft? – Free Government Grants For Women Owned Businesses

The requirements are pretty simple, it all boils down to if you’d really like to do it – you should be over 13 years of age.

You are also required to have a “free” place of residence. Once again – most students are not living in a dorm or house, so there is no requirement to live in a shared apartment.

Why should I qualify for a free loft?

Furnishings will be provided (the loft can be no bigger than 180 square ft of space).

Budget accommodations may be available, depending on the duration and length of the free loft.

A non-profit organization may provide materials and assistance on the loft in lieu of the tuition.

What is the deadline for signing up?

You can sign up online now, and you can pick up your loft at any of the following:

Thursday, October 1st;

Saturday, October 3rd

Sunday, October 4th

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