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What kinds of grants does the UN give? Are the United Nations affiliated with the Catholic Church? Are the United Nations sponsored by the Catholic Church? Can you find out information about United Nations grants?

The United Nations’ main instrument in promoting its agenda – global warming policy – is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), made up of several government and non-government organizations from many different countries and which is funded by the world’s richest countries. Each year the IPCC makes recommendations to the United Nations that have a direct bearing on individual policy decisions in various countries.

IPCC is run by several private organizations: the American Petroleum Institute (API), the Heartland Institute, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), which is an offshoot of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) promotes the interests of oil companies, and is one of the largest supporters of conservative global warming policies. API represents the interests of oil companies over the interests of human health and the environment.

The Heartland Institute, founded in the 1980s by William F. Buckley, former editor of National Review, is a right-wing, anti-abortion, anti-environmental, and global warming denial organization known for its anti-intellectualism, promotion of conspiracy theories, and for having links to a variety of right-wing organizations, such as the John Birch Society and the Knights for the National Guard. (See: ‘What’s Left?’)

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), also founded by Buckley, is an anti-environmental, anti-environmentalist, anti-science group which received $10 million in 1998. EDF is known for claiming the earth is a hot and toxic hellhole populated by demons, that the earth is the “mother of all planets” (and a metaphor for our entire solar system), that the Earth is “the only habitable planet in the solar system”, and that the Earth is flat.

The Union of Concerned Scientists is a small, right-wing group that represents the interests of industrial polluters such as ExxonMobil and chemical companies like Dow Chemical, as well as a variety of other right-wing organizations. There is a long history of right-wing organizations seeking funding from the United Nations.

What does all this have to do with churches?

The Bible clearly indicates that the faithful can obtain health benefits from living in a climate controlled society such as America.

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