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Do you sell any of your stock? Why do you sell? What do I pay you?

All three questions are answered by the investor in this article.

Here is the full article:

5. What’s wrong with me?

You don’t need to worry about these questions if you are a novice – which is the best thing you can do for your investing career. But if you don’t know your investing history, it can be a bit scary!

Most of your investments are invested in cash, which is very safe. So when these stocks (for example) go down a lot, it sounds like an explosion of volatility!

However, if these companies become even more expensive, you are guaranteed to be able to get back more than if you sold every cent you gained!

In this case, you are the new rich investor:

No worries or worries, all my investments are 100% invested in cash

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you want to see how cash investors deal with high volatility and also how they pay you, follow this series:

6. How can I get rich fast?

One way is by buying high quality stocks. Don’t invest in the cheapest stocks – in this case their price will fall the next minute!

You can also invest with your own money. This is often a good alternative if you cannot afford to sell all your gains. Don’t forget: you are investing with your own money and you can borrow as well!

How to get rich fast:

Read more tips for beginners in our post: “How to get rich fast?”

Now we need you to start earning money fast on your own. If you need to invest in stocks, then this can be one of the most useful investment tips of your life.

If you need money to invest, then you should know that, for example, you can borrow money or sell your home but don’t sell your car, because you will not get as much money as selling it!

This is why you can find many financial tools to help you as much as possible with your investments:

7. But I’ve never read an investing book before!

In the past few years, I’ve read many investing books but not every book has been for me. So, I really didn’t know what should I buy or what would be the best investment strategy to choose.

I can tell you that I bought this book because:


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