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If a government agency or government program, such as the EPA that is administering your environmental grant, is not willing to do what is necessary to protect your environment, ask them for a grant. There are a variety of ways for you to get the grant:

Go to their website, and click on Application for Government Grant Online (and print and fill it out)

Send a written request for a grant directly to that particular agency.

Take your application to the agency, and ask for the money.

Do I have to go through all this to get any EPA grant?

No. EPA grants can be granted without the need for an application, especially those of general scientific and technical nature. You can apply for grants without going through the process. In other words, you can just apply for a grant, and if they grant you the grant, the award will only go to the EPA in New York or other designated state.

How did I get a grant?

Grant money is distributed in quarterly funding windows, and is distributed annually and by special events. When all the money is received, the EPA, on behalf of the U.S. EPA, will send a letter to the applicant with the name and contact information for the grantee, plus the grant amount and all requirements for the grant.

My agency gave me a grant, and I don’t know what I’ll do with it!

You can get a grant by following any of the other steps you need to take with your grant money. For more information, check out the grant requirements for individual environmental grants or consult with a representative if you’re not sure how to apply.

Can I get a Federal grant to do research related to my grant?

Yes, you can. Find out what your federal research grants are required to do on their website.

How can I get a grant in my home state?

The first step when trying to secure funding for your grant is to find out where your grant money would be spent. Depending on your state, you want to do this as soon as possible. It may be possible, however, if the State Environmental Management (SEA) program (SEAM) is funded by grants received from the EPA.

The EPA collects grant funding through the Seattle Municipal and Non-Profit Review and Planning Program.

How do I find out where my grant funds are spent?

Find out your state programs on the EPA website. The state

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