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For someone to make sure I get food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care. For us as individuals it is a matter of survival. In a society that is in a crisis we need support. What is our government doing to help and what are they willing to pay for that help. We need a way of making our voices heard.”

I will be writing a special monthly column in which I want to provide some suggestions. These suggestions are meant to be the best possible solutions to some of the problems facing our society, so I will not be offering my suggestions for each particular issue. However, if you know one or more of the problem areas listed below, please feel free to post the answer in the comments section or send me an email at [email protected] In order to make it as easy as possible I will include links to the specific articles above. I will try to keep the list short.

I must state up front that despite not being a member of any political party, I am not a regular candidate or candidate supporter, I have no affiliations, no candidates, and have not even seen any polling. It would be unwise of me to make any public pronouncements about political candidates. I have also been asked if I am a union supporter or if I have been a member of any trade union before. I have not done any campaigning in my life, and so I can’t comment on that question. If you have been asked this question, please let me know in the comments section.

This is the list of problems I want you to help resolve. I hope you will take some time to research the solutions outlined below and offer some suggestions to help get things moving toward a better life for all people in this country.

1) Poverty, Unemployment and the Low-Wage Labor Force

I will be describing the effects of low-wage labor in the economy. Let’s face it, low-wage labor creates a downward spiral in which wages continue to drop and the low-wage workforce continues to shrink. If wages continue to drop, people with higher income will have less demand for labor and, in turn, will have less income and fewer employment opportunities. Eventually the low-wage workforce of one person in a household (me) will shrink to one person in the household (you). This means one person in the household will have a lower standard of living. This lowers the demand for people to work. This increases unemployment, and a higher percentage of

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