How do I get a home improvement grant?

We use a set of grants to help our members provide their service, either by building on existing services or by buying and working on their own.

The grant is administered through a range of community organisations who provide vital support to our members. The grants and awards are available for the following:

Building and design:

We work with the Home Finance Association, Builders and Small Home Builders Association, Home Builders Support Agency, Building Industry Training Board, and Housing Association to support the building of our members’ homes. Grant amounts vary depending on the size and strength of your project, ranging from £500 to over £30,000.

Maintenance and repair:

The Council administers grants for maintenance and repair work and repair and maintenance work. Grant amounts cover replacement items to build a new home or to pay for refurbishment work, including windows, kitchen appliances and plumbing. The award amounts change as the work is carried out so contact a local authority for details.

Purchasing and marketing:

For a small fee our members can buy goods and services to improve their homes, including a range of goods. Our members also have the right to have goods delivered or commissioned, or be the agent for hire to sell their homes.

In addition, members have the right to use or own commercial properties for investment property development, or purchase new or refurbished homes, or other property for investment.

We use a range of different grant programmes in accordance with the needs of the member. For example, a member buying a new home in a deprived area would receive a grant to purchase the property and help to fix up the existing property if needed. This would include:

A grant for a first time buyer to buy their first home.

The first time buyer grant also helps to pay for mortgage interest.

The council, and the builder or a third party, will also give grants to buyers to help cover home repairs and other services, such as legal fees. The council and builder will meet these requirements.

Our clients often choose to go to the private sector for various reasons, including:

A desire to own the home themselves

The convenience of purchasing from a more established supplier

The assurance offered by the builder itself

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