How do you write a grant?

Here’s a list of some basic questions to ask:

Who will be in charge of writing the proposal? What is the proposed program’s primary goal? What will be the funding opportunity?

What does it involve? What is the budget allocation? How exactly does the program work, and how will you calculate these numbers? What are the expected results?

What are the funding requirements? Who can write the proposals?

What are the requirements for the proposal to be turned in? Do all aspects, including the proposal, have to be submitted via electronic submission?

How is the grant awarded? Is there an award cycle? How are the awards made?

How does the program look? Is it like what you have already done?

Are there any requirements for the student who wants to use this grant?

How do you evaluate the proposal? This can include both internal and external criteria. Does the proposal demonstrate a real-world need, and what is the risk?

What do you expect from the student? Is the proposal ready to be applied?

Do you have plans? Do you have a deadline of when you must send the proposal?

Are the requirements in it? Are it acceptable to make small changes?

Can the program take the proposal back if necessary?

What if we need to change the program after approval? What happens if we change the funding?

Can your students work on a project while receiving the grant?

Is it appropriate for a college/university with too little experience to be funding these types of programs?

How often will you be updating the program? Where will this grant funding be used?

What is the duration of each grant?

Who will monitor and evaluate the program, at all stages?

What happens to the money that isn’t used?

How do our students learn?

Can these projects be a part of a college/university learning experience curriculum or as an elective at a university?

What if it gets transferred to another college/university?

What will happen when a student leaves the program and a fresh set of hands is required to run the new project?

What will happen to the program if another program is awarded this money?

What are your expectations from your future grantees? You may receive feedback that this grant is not a good fit for your students, and that this is not the right program for them, but