How does grant money work? – Reinvent Grants Management

Grant funding is allocated by the Department of Education. This money is used to pay for staff costs such as administration.

A person has already done their research, is qualified for the grant and have a job lined up. There is still need for funding to pay for the next stages of their research and the research itself. This is usually for a number of years.

Who funds grants?

The Department of Education provides grants to research centres, research universities and research organisations. This can be for research work, equipment and staffing.

The number of grants being issued is small compared to other government departments. However, if you are successful in getting a grant, you will be awarded some money into your bank account to help cover your bills.

What do I have to do to apply for a grant?

If you are a professional researcher or an academic, the best way to apply is by writing to your supervisor, the research adviser at your university. Write a letter outlining your research, why you are interested in funding and why you would be qualified to do the work. Include a short research project summary including:

your research objectives

the nature and scope of your work

the type of grant (if applicable)

your projected budget

a list of references if you will need one. You can also send your proposals online in pdf format.

You must submit a proposal at least two weeks before the grant announcement is made. In order to confirm your application, you will need to use the Research Grants Office or email a representative who will contact you. You can either use a letter or email. The letters are acceptable unless you have specific questions before filling out the application form.

When is the announcement made?
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At the earliest in April each year. The announcement will state the number of grants available for awards over the next five financial years.

What is the impact of funding?

The impact of this funding on research and graduate success is well documented across a range of fields and disciplines. The overall impact is often very small compared to the investment made in equipment to support your research, the level of support you receive during graduate research and other support and guidance provided by your institution, such as research advisors.

For example, research published in the Journal of Medical Decision Making showed that small grants to universities in the UK increased the number of publications and citations and increased the publication rate. A similar relationship exists in the medical literature. A study from Ireland published

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