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If somebody is able to make money by simply making an investment and that investment becomes a success, then the wealth gained will be given to the person that made the investment. The more money someone makes and the more successful they become, the more money they earn, the more money has been invested and the more it will be distributed amongst itself.

The key question in the fafsa situation is if someone makes enough money investing, the fafsa tax office will collect the money from them and distribute it, to the best of its knowledge, to those it considers a good citizen.

There is no law saying that any individual has to hold all his or her own money. This can be done, but when someone has done these calculations, this would not be considered doing ‘good work’.

However, when someone does work out that this kind of work will generate wealth more economically rewarding than the standard method of wage labour, then the authorities will collect that the individual has made a good investment in his or her self making business and will share that wealth with the person.

As we said before, these are the circumstances and conditions where the fafsa would make it the job of the fafsa to collect the money. It is not the role of the fafsa to decide that someone who has done their bit has been rewarded and is also in fact a good citizen. It is the job of the fafsa to determine whether somebody has made good contributions which will create wealth more economically rewarding than the standard method of wage labour. It is therefore up to the fafsa to find out why somebody has done good work, whether they did so in good times and in good weather, whether they are a good citizen and how has that impact on their wealth.

But the fafsa is not in the position to make a definitive decision on this specific matter. It must rely entirely on the wealth and success of individuals that are involved when it comes to determining if it is a good citizen or not.

It is not up for the fafsa to determine how these individuals have performed the good works over the years. Even though the fafsa may have made a decision that someone would be rewarded for their good work, it is really up to the individual whether or not this decision was well taken. When it comes to individual decisions on this, a person is free to decide what he or she likes to do.

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