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Well, yes and no. Free money is the currency that the FSA has been running, but not all of that money is fafsa money. Most of the money the rebels have is probably just government money. But there is also enough money in the FSA, which is not fafsa, for them to buy their own weaponry. Free money, a little at the cost of the FSA’s hard cash, is a better deal and better than the $20 they have been buying for the past year. Now, if they could purchase this weapons, this would be a huge victory.

Of course, money has been a very difficult barrier to making a real attack on Damascus. There is nothing you can do about money. But, with the use of cash, you can make some progress.
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We’re not going to run out of the dollar.

There is a lot of fear, but the FSA and some opposition forces believe there is good money in Syria. That means, if they can attack Damascus, they could take back control of some major cities where the rebels still control. It’s a great place to launch an offensive against Damascus if the government falls. If the rebels get there and defeat their opponents, who are all but wiped out, the economy could recover.

You know, this is going to be one of those things that the opposition is going to fight over in a couple of years. If not, then Syria, which looks doomed as the Assad regime falls, can be turned over to the Assad government and people can recover their lives, their businesses, and possibly even their houses. If the rebels can take Damascus back, they may even be able to retake Aleppo, which would be very powerful a military base for them. That would still leave the capital of Syria as a country in a sort of precarious situation with the rebels continuing to make gains.

You know, I have had my heart broken a few times, but I believe Assad will still be in power one day. So, if the government falls, the only people who can survive will be people who were already living in Damascus when it fell, and in order to survive, they will have to rebuild their economy using the money they have.

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“discharge” means the intentional dropping, tossing or other act or failure of the person whose property is damaged, destroyed or destroyed because of the negligent driving of any vehicle, as defined in section 14-8, or of any vessel on the water

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