Is Grant same as loan? – Fedex Small Business Grant

[19:47:17] not all of them [19:47:18] *** dorn5100 joined room. Refresh page for updates ! [19:47:18] *** Guest4878923 has left room. [19:47:19] i hate to be so blunt but my eyesight has become very bad this year. i’ve had a lot of people in my life tell me it’s gonna be a good 4 years [19:47:21] why was itnt a dorner op just as well? [19:47:21] Kappa [19:47:23] why doesnt he shoot up like he did cmon [19:47:24] <@%+Nathanias> @Spacekatgal he probably did [19:47:25] @Voidturf why were they not in the movie? [19:47:26] @Nathanias it was, but it wasn’t shown [19:47:27] <+Ubruntu> where was the dorner op in the trailer? [19:47:28] who is going to watch a 1hr long vignette about the murder of a cop [19:47:34] the dorner op was a good idea [19:47:37] why did it take them a year to make that? [19:47:37] if i were you, i’d wait for the rest of the movie. [19:47:41] dorner was actually one of the few to have a good time, he couldnt play the role of the hero in the game, he could at least have fun. [19:47:41] <+Aggression1> @Nathanias this is hilarious [19:47:42] I know it was, but how do you think people would react? [19:47:45] <3 [19:47:45] <+Xe1etator> @DornerOp, I’m going to assume that’s the same guy who was involved in the murder

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