Is Grant same as loan? – Government Grants And Loans Free Money

No, Grant is the same as the loan. The loan is also a loan.

3. Where can I get a copy of Grant as well as the contract?

The contract is available on our website.

4. How do I contact Grant or the company?

Please email: [email protected]

5. How does the company have access to my information? has access to information about your credit history, current account, and current account history. We are only using this information to improve our products and services to you. Access to your personal information is provided to us by means of Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which encrypts your information using public key cryptography. The company does not store any information on other than as specifically required to process your order.

6. I was charged a fee to use my credit card or other payment method at the time of purchase. Why did that happen?

Grant is a payment processor for credit card transactions. This means your account information was charged for a payment that is processed by a payment processor. The payment processor may be a financial institution or another company such as, Paypal, Visa Express, or Discover Credit Cards.

You should not use your credit card unless there is a clear, documented and agreed upon payment plan available with the payment processor. Grant has no ability to refund payment to you for any unauthorized charges that may have been made or incurred during the purchase of Grant’s services.

If you would like to request a refund, please contact our customer service team at [email protected]

7. How do I cancel my order?

Please email our customer service team at [email protected]
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8. Do you return products?

Yes, our goal is to always ensure that any product is completely satisfied. If you would like to return any product, please email our company representative via our contact page.

9. Is it possible to order more than one product from the same account?

Grant is a payment processor for credit card transactions. Grant does not participate in the purchase of products that require a subscription, such as, a newsletter, e-learning, video lessons, or other in-app product in order to earn money on a recurring basis.

10. When will I receive my order confirmation

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