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Answering this question is not an easy, simple, and quick answer. You should only go back in time to the previous 5-year period when you are using a boiler and ask yourself if that type of grant can be used. In general, the grant is more valuable if it is a new type of grant and not a grant to build boiler technology, or if it is a grant for a new building.

To narrow my options, here are two possible grants

A grant for equipment to be built or rebuilt. If you can pay for the cost of the tools and the equipment, it’s a good deal. A grant for an investment in a new boiler. This grant offers a better return on investment than a gift and would be more likely to be successful.
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It may be difficult to determine the grant for the capital expenditure that comes out of these applications. In the above example, the grant for the investments is $10,000 but it’s very common for grants to include the equipment. For those grants, I used a 3-year clock to see what was the cost of the investment and the grant for the investments was $2,000. In that case, the grant for the capital cost would be $6,000.

How to Apply for a Grant in Australia

All grants must first be reviewed to ensure a new grant is in the best interests of the applicant. You may be asked to send in a copy of your corporate income statement and business expenses. The grant amount must be determined by you by using the grant planning fee formula as discussed in detail in: Grant Planning Fee Formula.

You will then be required to send a written proposal to the Financial Office to confirm a grant has been approved. The proposal is typically about 3 pages and should have a summary of the grant and how it works.

How do I apply for a grant?

The Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure (DEIDII) usually issues grants based on merit-based criteria. The criteria for grant funding are set in a grant planning document which is posted on the DEIDII website. However, you should check with the Financial Office for specific information about what criteria are used to determine grant funding.

How Much Do Grants Cost?

The following are the base costs a grant can cost depending on what part of the grant is used to implement a building or facility or if it is a building with a boiler.

Total cost of a Building Grant:


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