Is there a grant for a new boiler? – Government Funding For Small Businesses In South Africa

There is a grant of around £7m. No decision has been made on what that money is intended to be used for, but it is certainly not to buy a new boiler.

Has anyone been given access to the grant?

No, but the company has been given access to the fund that covers capital projects such as these and the funds themselves have been spent by the council.

Did you buy a new boiler at an estimated cost of £7m?

Yes, but the boiler didn’t become ready until the winter of 2015-16

What was the contract for?

We were awarded a six-year contract in 2007, for the provision of heating and boiler management.

We won an additional four-year extension in September 2016

Will the boiler not only be provided, but maintained?

That will depend on the performance of the company that builds the boiler and if they deliver on the contract.

Is there any other company that you would like to do business with?

Not at this stage. Not one.

When will they be ready for service?

The boiler can be delivered by our contract manufacturer in 2019.

In the meantime, what is happening with the boiler?

We can provide heating and cooling service on demand from our business premises

However, as it is already on an extension and has not been certified as fit for purpose, it does not meet the same safety and technical standards set by the fire brigade

What will happen to the boiler after we do service?

We will provide additional services at a future date if the boiler meets the same standards as the one that we have delivered so yet.

What would you do if you had a second boiler?

We are not considering a second boiler but, of course, if a second boiler was installed then it will be monitored closely

And what if you have no spare parts?

Our boiler is only one of several we might need in the future. All we can say, at this point, is that if somebody comes in on a spare part on a weekend, it will have to be taken back, as we cannot operate without them

Have there been any recent fire reports concerning this boiler?

There have not been reports of fire.

Will this boiler last?

Yes, but it is very old and is no longer suitable to operate and it has a life expectancy of less than five years.

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