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The most common type of hardship fund, or hardship fund, is a trust fund that is created by the IRS to be used to help individuals with high levels of hardship. If an individual’s hardship is extreme, we encourage her/him to request the income tax exemption for this type of fund. This type of fund is available to high-income taxpayers but is not open to people with very few or no resources. For more information on hardship funds as well as other types of funds, please see IRS-31, Income taxes, for those with limited resources.

How can I find any form available to me through IRS-31?

You can use IRS-31 to check the eligibility or coverage of your new job because it contains the information that is listed in your current Form 1040-ES. You can also see if any new taxes were paid in the previous year before filing your amended tax return.

What if my employer doesn’t notify me of any changes when I start work?
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When you request Form 1040-ES to be filed with your employer to notify the employer of any changes made and the amount of those changes, it becomes your responsibility for reporting those changes to your employer, even if you don’t receive notification of any changes from your employer or don’t receive any notification. It should come as no surprise that there are no guarantees that the employer will be notified of any changes or that your employer will notify you unless you do the following:

When you first start working at your new job, contact your local unemployment office to make sure that your workplace is considered a full-time post in your community because you were hired on short notice. (See IRS-25, If an employer changes employment status, it must report. Also see the link below regarding how to report changes to the IRS).

If you haven’t been notified to begin working at your new job, contact your local unemployment office to make sure that the employer has notified you for the purposes of filing your Form 1040-ES with the IRS.

To request the report, please visit the IRS website (www.irs.gov), and print “Employment Status Report” on the page that says “Employment Status” and enter the information of the person or persons working at the new position at the top of the screen.

What if my new employer doesn’t provide me notification?

If your new employer doesn’t notify you when you start working, contact your local unemployment office to make sure that

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