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The main use for local grants is to raise an extra £2.5 million to reduce the deficit over the next Parliament.

These funds are used for projects such as expanding school places, making roads safe on Scottish highways and providing more school places for more children, while giving businesses with premises that are more than 20km from schools access to local infrastructure.

They must either be in the top 10% of every local authority’s spending or be in the top 10%.

Find out more about local grants.

What do local grants look like and how many do they cover?

Local governments can spend £2,000 on each local grant. They will normally have to have an amount in the top 10% of their spending so that they are eligible for grants. They can also spend between £500-£2,000 to help boost the local economies of their area.

What are local enterprise plans?

Local enterprise plans (LEPs) are designed to help boost business confidence around the local economy. They are set up by local councils and local authority communities and the focus is on making sure more local businesses have access to opportunities.

Where do I find out more about how local grants help local governments?

Find out more about local grants.

What does Local Government (Scotland) do with local grant money?
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A small portion of all local taxes goes towards local grant money. When we receive local grant money, we transfer that into the local economy.

How much is Scotland receiving from local grant money?

The amount of money sent to Scotland has been increasing over the years and reached £5.4 million in the last Parliament.

The increase in the amount of grant money sent each year will continue as the Government continues to spend less of the money it gains when local tax is spent locally. The amount of revenue that the Scottish Government receives from local government in 2017-18 is expected to be £8.2 million.

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