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Project Grants allow non-profits and individuals to hire a company to implement and manage their projects. Project Grants are available across the whole country and can be used to undertake many kinds of work ranging from small workshops, to large scale projects. Grantmakers get a piece of the action.

Where and how can I apply?

To apply for a grant, fill out this form.

Can I receive more than one grant application? How do I know which application is the best?

No. Projects do not necessarily have to be in the same area for the grant in order to be eligible for more than one. There is one application and one grant – this means that you can apply for two different projects, and a third may also apply.

Can’t a nonprofit or individual use more than one grant application at a time?

NO! If you have more than one grant application then you can only apply for ONE grant. As the application is being processed and evaluated, the application for the next grant cannot be applied for.

May I use my Project Grants to support my volunteer work for an organization or to help another individual?
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NO! You can only use your Project Grants to fund or support volunteer-based volunteering and not to support your own personal work.

May I make the costs of my Project Grants public?

Absolutely! You can make your Project Grants information available to any non-profit or person that is interested in purchasing your grants. You can also have funds from a Project Grant made available to pay for a local non-profit or you may choose to share the funds with your own organization.

May I apply for more than one Project Grant at a time?

Yes. If there are four or more grants that you are applying for then you are no longer limited to applying for one grant.

May I make my funding available to a non-profit or individual if I am interested in funding my own volunteer work?

YES! You may make funds available to a group of volunteers if that group wants to work on a particular project. Non-profit’s should contact you to determine if this is a good opportunity or not.

What are the funds?

Grant payments will be released in three stages:

Stage 1 is released when the application is complete.

Stage 2 is released if all the information needed to complete grant application is received.

Stage 3 is released upon receipt of an OK from grant program administrator.

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