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The type of grant you get depends on your background and the amount of funding (the amount of funding you qualify for, the number of years you’ve qualified, and the amount of time you’re qualifying).

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The 3 types of scholarships You can apply for a scholarship from 3 different sources, depending on how many years you’ve worked for your company. If you work at your company full-time for 6 years (as stated in your company’s contract of employment), you can choose to apply for one of 5 different types of funding: the Basic Grant (the amount is based on your experience or education)

the Graduate Grant (the amount is based on your experience or education)

the Student Grant (the amount is based on your experience or education)

the Intern Grant (if you work for a non-profit organization or as a student who is completing a postgraduate degree)

the Employment Development Grant (if you work at a federal agency, it’s a grant from another government agency)

your local school district’s Community Grant Program You may not apply for more than one type of grant. You may not get more than one grant. In fact, you may only get one grant at each type. So no matter what type of grant you apply for, you can’t qualify for more than one grant. What are the benefits to applying for more than one type of funding? There are a number of benefits you get from applying for funding within a single type of grant. You get a different program – often a higher amount of money – each time you apply for funding. You may also qualify for an extra grant with each new grant. If your company has a lot of staff, you may not need to apply for more than one type of grant if you are at the same company for a lot of years. In fact, if you get more than one grant – whether the one with the Basic Grant, the Graduate Grant, Student Grant, or Job Training Program – you could still be eligible for many more grants over the course of your career if you choose to continue working at your company for a long time. Here’s a quick look at the main benefits of applying for funding in a specific type of grant. If you’re an agency worker. If you’re working at a federal agency, you qualify for one of these 5 types of grants: the Community Grant Program

the Career and Technical Training (CTTP) Grant

the Enterprise Development Grant Program

the Workforce Investment Act Grant Program

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