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Institute on Disability Receives Grant to Study Adults ...

We’ll see the results of our grant application in November. If it ends up as approved we will try to secure funding for the next year. It will come with the knowledge that a whole lot of money is at stake, which is exciting – though admittedly I’m still a bit shy from being that enthusiastic in our enthusiasm.

What if I don’t like it?

No harm no foul. We’re open to suggestions about what a non-profit might not be doing well and will consider those, but we will always go into grants believing that they’ll be a positive addition to the community, rather than be a way to cut our budget and keep us from doing good for our community.

What do you do for fun?

We have a lot – we do a huge range of projects, from building community spaces to organising events and creating events to run. We also host a lot of fundraisers and community events.

Can you give a rundown?

We have our website. We have our Facebook page. Our Twitter and Instagram accounts are very active and have a really good following. We are also on Facebook, although some of our stuff is not public. We have our blog, where we write about the things we love to do, where we have a lot of creative ideas that we’ll try to execute on.

RICHMOND, VA – APRIL 14: Head coach Justin Fuente of Virginia Tech watches a film session during spring practice at John Paul Jones Field on April 14, 2015 in Richmond, Virginia. Virginia Tech and Florida State meet in the semifinals of the ACC Football season. (Photo by Brad Malloy/Getty Images)

On the heels of his team’s 27-21 victory over Louisville on Saturday, Virginia Tech senior running back Justin Fuente told the media that Tech is preparing to play a different style of football against the Seminoles this Saturday.

“It’s a different style of football. We went to a different school, so there’s a lot different things. It’s a whole different style of play,” Fuente said before taking his seat and sitting down with a microphone. “It’s pretty much like [a] Florida State team that we’re seeing on Saturday. So we’ll have a pretty close, competitive game that’s going to come out. It’s gonna be a tough game to play.”

A few hours later on FOX Sports, Tech head coach Justin Fuente was asked about whether his team was prepared.

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