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Your education may be eligible to receive the federal Pell Grant, the DAP, the Federal Perkins Loan, or the Work Study Program. Each program is different, but eligibility varies. Below are a few common ways that you may qualify for grants:

Tuition waivers from the school that issued the college degree, and/or

Paying a higher-than-cost tuition (more than $4,500 for out-of-state students) at a local public college. This may include an FAFSA, SSN, or financial aid paperwork for any college. If you receive a work study scholarship, the work study waiver may be waived as well.

To use your Pell Grant eligibility to apply to college, you may use a free tool called FAFSA, available for Windows, OS X Windows or Macintosh. You may also use the Work Study eligibility tool on the same website.

Tuition waiver from a public school or private institution, as a form of financial aid.

Students who apply for federal student aid through the school

Tuition waived from a private institution

Fees for out-of-state students

Students who receive the University of Maryland’s Montgomery Scholars (MSS) Program

Students who receive the University of Maryland’s Baltimore Scholars (MSSB) Program

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Tuition waived from a state institution, as a form of financial aid

Out-of-state students who paid fees and are eligible for an HSA

Out-of-state students who paid fees and are eligible for an HSA Student Tuition Waiver (SWT)

SUTD Tuition Waiver (SUTDWT)

Federal Pell Grant eligibility

When choosing where to apply for grants, students should evaluate their financial situation. Are you a first-time or transfer student? If so, you may qualify for federal Pell Grants.

What’s the difference between grants from state and federal or private institutions?

State grant programs are designed to help lower-income students pay for college and tuition payments in the form of cash, in-state tuition/out-of-state tuition scholarships, or grants from any state-approved source. Federal grant programs, or other types of aid, typically help qualified students pay for college.

Federal grants can be provided to students from any state. For more information on each, read below.

State Tuition

Each state program is designed to help students pay for

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