What is a CIF grant? – Government Grants For Small Businesses During Covid 19

The CIF Federal Grant is a federal grant program designed to increase the resources of women’s shelters in communities around the United States. It provides funding for women’s shelters and for a variety of services in addition to funding for services such as case management and training.

A CIF grant requires a financial award from the Federal Government, which makes these grants attractive to some agencies because not all of the services they provide are in the public interest.

The grant recipients determine the scope, funding amount, and the type and amount of services they provide.

Funding Types

The grant is awarded to state and local governments and not to the specific programs funded by the grant unless it is specifically identified by the grantee. The grant includes no cost-sharing requirement for providers.

Types of Grantees:


Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)


Counties are defined according to the county seat. For instance, a county with a population of over 400,000 in the Northeast United States could also be a New York County.

Agency Name The name of the grantee. For grants under the Women’s Shelter Fund, this is the name of the Federal Government agency to which the grant is being awarded. City Name The city or city borough in which the shelter is located. County Name The county seat. For a City Grant, this is the name of the area. State Of Issuance The state of the grantee. For a State Grant, this is the State in which the grantee is located. For a City Grant, this is the city or city borough in which the shelter is located. State Of Reauthorization The name of the state authorizing the grant in the amount of $10,000 per month for FY2014-FY2022. Agency Number The agency number on the grant agreement. The agency number indicates the total funding amount received by the grantee and shows which program is involved under the grant agreement. Agency Specific Programs A specific program, generally with a limited number of homeless shelters, is covered by a grant from the Women’s Shelter Fund.

Types of Services Provided:

Case Management (2 months)

Case management consists of an individual’s personal involvement in case management activities.

The case management includes, but is not limited to, the following:

An individual in a case has to attend a counseling and case management session of 2 months, consisting of all counseling sessions including

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