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If you receive a grant from either government or private sources to build a facility or equipment, your costs must be reimbursed (and covered by insurance if the facilities or equipment are being used for training and education). If a portion of the project cost of the facility or equipment is covered by insurance and the project has not actually reimbursed the government or private source for the portion of the project cost that includes the reimbursement, then you are entitled to a refund. The most common types of reimbursable expenses are:

Projecting costs that go into the facility or equipment

Equipment replacement or repair

Equipment replacement or repair costs incurred by a subcontractor that was contracted by the government to build the facility or equipment

Projecting expenses incurred in connection with the government’s liability insurance

All costs that meet the definition of an “equipment replacement/repair” must be compensated for using public funds (or a similar type of private source).

What is a Cost Recovery Grant?

Cost recovery grants are available to fund research projects that have been approved by the federal government but that have not yet been completed. These projects may be part of a project-based project, project-based project and grant-based project and are eligible for project-based project grants. The grantee may request that the public contribute to the project and that the grantee reimburse the cost of any equipment that were not reimbursed by the project.

Who can get a reimbursement?

You will need to have a contract for work or equipment for the facility or equipment that requires reimbursement. The scope of the contract and the cost to repair or replace the equipment must be disclosed with the contract. The contractor may make written requests under the Public Works and Government Services Canada “Contracts in Process” or “Fees on Remittances” to the government of Canada for reimbursement of the costs of providing the work or equipment to you. If the contractor has agreed with you to reimburse the project, you need to have agreed to pay for the work so that the contractor can provide you with the reimbursement (as described in the “When is the reimbursement due?” topic below). If the contractor is not prepared to reimburse the government for the cost of the work, you will need to follow the rules regarding “in addition to your regular fee”, as outlined above.

When is the reimbursement due?

All costs to repair or replace the equipment or facility are considered to be project-based or project-based project if the program

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