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The Granting Agency’s Granting Program allows federal student aid applicants to apply for a grant through its web site. The system uses the U.S. Department of Education’s online grant application system to determine the type of applicant eligible for a grant application. Applicants also may choose to submit a grant application directly to The Granting Agency. Applicants must do the following to receive the grant:

Complete the Granting Agency’s Grant Program Application.

Sign the online application in order to be considered eligible to receive a loan from the Federal Government.

Submit the application (and the required documents) electronically through the Granting Agency.

Note: Applicants may choose to submit their application directly to The Granting Agency.

The Granting Agency processes all federal student aid applications through these two steps to help ensure that all eligible students receive a federal student aid award without having to mail in documents. To learn more about how each of the steps will be administered in the online application process, please see the Granting Agency Grants.

How do I complete application for Graduate PLUS loans?

Students may complete and return their online Graduate PLUS loan application directly to The Granting Agency.

Once you have completed your online Graduate PLUS loan application, The Granting Agency will send you an official “guidance letter” indicating when to submit your Graduate PLUS loan application for Federal Student Aid.

You can use the form to determine if you are an “early adoptee” at any time prior to submitting your application.

Your application will be electronically forwarded to The Granting Agency when you complete your final Graduate PLUS loan agreement with The University.

If you complete your application to receive Graduate PLUS interest, you will be issued a Graduate PLUS loan before the “early adoptee” deadline.

If you are a “later adoptee,” you will not be issued a Graduate PLUS loan until the “late adoptee” deadline (two months after the “late adoptee” deadline).

What if you have not received a final agreement?
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You should be notified by email that the initial agreement has been received and approved.

You will receive notice that your loan has been submitted and a final loan application is now available for you to review.

You can review your loan information by accessing the Granting Agency Loan Management System, or you can review your loan application by entering your information from the Granting Agency’s Granting Program Application page.

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