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All grant awards provide a financial support to a graduate to work with a mentor towards the successful completion of their degree.

A grant is a non-inclusive grant. A grant is made to cover the individual’s full tuition and fees and is not dependent on payment of any student fees.

As a graduate, you are entitled to a grant of up to $5,000 from a grant provider. Any non-academic expenses are the responsibility of the graduate.

What does a mentor provide?

Your mentor is an individual who has been approved by the University to provide support to a graduate student and assists with all aspects of the preparation for the completion of their degree.

Please note: a mentor should do not replace a mentor who is unable to complete their degree due to illness, disease, circumstances, etc.

What kinds of activities can a graduate mentor provide?

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In addition to their graduate studies, a graduate mentor can help with:

Assisting the graduate with personal issues

The work and/or research of the graduate

Providing advice on research projects

Offering academic support throughout the duration of the graduate studies

Providing financial support

What constitutes a scholarship or an allowance?

Students accepted into a University must fulfil the requirements as set out in the Graduate Handbook. The Handbook specifies the eligibility criteria of Graduate Scholarships and Scholarshipships in the year 2013/14.

You might have received a scholarship to cover the cost of your full tuition and fees; a scholarship or loan is an agreement whereby the University promises to pay the student any amount needed to cover the costs of the graduate degree and not to seek compensation from the student.

Graduate Students receive a scholarship or some kind of allowance to cover the cost of their full tuition and fees. Graduate students must be registered and registered students.

Are graduate students eligible for financial aid?

No. All graduate scholarships and fellowships are for support to cover the costs of graduate study in their degree and not to facilitate any kind of profit.

For the purposes of funding the tuition and fees of a graduate degree, the University must ensure that the fees are reasonable and that these fees are supported by non profit organisation. The University also allows graduates to take advantage of certain forms of support such as loans or scholarship. (Graduate Scholarships and Grants)

Academic assistants do not qualify for financial aid under this system. You may be eligible to claim scholarship support

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