What is a service grant? – Dhhs Program Requirements

When your student is in class, you can earn a service grant from the office. The grant is for $100 up to a total of $1,500. You can receive the service grant without showing proof of income.

Do I receive a service grant if my student is unemployed?

Your student may be eligible for a service grant if a portion of his/her current monthly benefit or a reduced amount is used to rent or keep up a home. This may include:

Paying for food


Bills or other items necessary for paying rent or bills.

Rental Property

You can receive a service grant to assist you with rental property. In order to receive a service grant you must give proof of income (such as a bill or payment statement) for the current month.

How do I pay a service grant?

The easiest ways to pay a service grant are online or with a local bank.

If you live in Alberta and are working, you can pay your service grant with your personal cheque.

You do not have to give proof that your student works or that they are earning.

Apply to the Alberta Housing Benefit Office by:

Visit the Alberta Housing Benefit Offices website at:

www.albertaedhousingbenefit.ca Contact the Alberta Housing Benefit Office at [email protected] to apply or

Call toll-free 1-877-267-6869 (tollfree in Alberta)

How do I apply for and use my money?

After you have applied for or used your own money, you will need to fill out a “Service Agreement”:

Please bring your student ID (or student identification card) along with your application to the address below. For the first service grant, you must fill out and mail in an application that is valid for at least two years from the date you received your first month’s benefit (not a student’s last payment or last month’s rent). For any subsequent monthly service grant, you must fill out and mail in a new application.

If you live in Alberta and are not working but are currently receiving a service grant, you can use your personal income for any eligible monthly payment or rent/repairs. For this purpose you must send the following:

1. A copy of your personal cheque (which is not a student’s cheque, and does not include an overdraft,

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