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A service grant is an amount of cash or other thing of value provided by a government agency (e.g., county, local, state) to a non-profit organization for various services.

If you provide a service or other public benefit and get a grant, it means you have paid into the “unincorporated area” of the county where your service is or is intended to be performed for a minimum of one year before your service is performed.

Where can money that’s given to me be used?

Money that’s given to you may be applied to anything you need, including repairs, improvements, rent, utilities, legal bills and funeral costs.

Is it legal for a non-profit organization to use that money?

According to the federal IRS and most states, no.

According to the state law where you live, your grant is your money, so if you’re doing it wrong, contact the local government agency that runs the service.

What if someone takes that grant away? Doesn’t the money go back to the taxpayers?

No. Taxpayers still get their money back if the state agency doesn’t collect that grant within 30 days. So, no. They just won’t get their money back.

If someone tries to take money from me and I have a contract or agreement that requires me to pay back any money they take, can I still use that money?

Yeah. All grants are subject to state law. If a contractor or subcontractor takes money from you after you sign a contract, you can be paid the difference.

Can I pay someone else to use my services?
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No. Federal law requires that you pay someone else to perform certain services for you, such as maintenance and repair.

Can contractors or subcontractors pay me to do business with them?

No, even if you’re on a business contract. You’ll need to go to state law for that, and most state agencies require that you pay for services you perform directly with a contractor. In many states, you’re also free to contract with a contractor on your own, but it can only be done between the employer and the employee, not as a subcontractor.

What about a home inspection? Is that my job too?

Yes, with some exceptions. Check with a local agency for information.

Can I give myself a raise? Is that legal?

Absolutely. You’re already allowed to be

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