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The DHHS financial program is a comprehensive system that helps families finance medical costs.

What is the family contribution?

A family contribution allows a person to contribute money to your medical plan under your plan’s contribution rules, and pay the premiums you have.

How do I start the contribution process in my plan?

Your plan administrator can assist you in making a family contribution by providing information on how to fill out form 1120R.

Please be aware that this form requires a monthly deposit of at least three months’ worth of insurance income to begin paying your plan’s premiums. You will need to have at least four months before beginning to make a family contribution to keep your plan in good financial standing.

Can I change my family contribution before my enrollment date?

Yes, but you will have to stop making your contribution on or before the date it’s due.

How do I get premium payments?

You must complete a premium payment application with your administrator. After you get approval, your administrator will notify you of your monthly premium payments. You can access your health plan’s plan verification system to complete this process.

Is my family contribution covered by my health plan plan coverage, if I change plans?

Yes. The family contribution covers the full premium. It doesn’t include the cost to change plans.

May I cancel my family contribution?

Yes, if you would like to withdraw your contribution.

How do I submit a change in plan (change of name, location, or health plan)?

In order to change plans, enrollees must use form 1120R. You must submit the application by mail or fax. In addition to the health plan verification system, this forms provides you with the means to change your health plan location or name to another location if this is a major change. This is called the “disconnection” portion of the application.

How do I change my address?

You can change your address up to 45 days prior to the scheduled enrollment date (or any other date), at your current address in person or by mail, by fax, or online or over the phone. In the mail, send a completed form 1120R to:

Your Plan Administrator


PO Box 565

Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-0565

You can change your address up to 30 days prior to the scheduled enrollment date (or any other date), if

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