What is the Government Green Grant Program? – Easy Grants To Get

This program is a part of a broader initiative, called the Ministerial Climate Change Programme. Each year the Government sets targets for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and encourages the development of technologies and practices that reduce emissions. You can read more in our Climate Change Programme Fact Sheet.

How can I apply for this grant?

To apply for the Green Grant Program, go to: www.tbsc.gov.au/GreenGrant Program – Green Grant. Incomplete applications must be resolved by December 15 2016; after a response has been received, if no payment has been made to a registered charity since the last response from September, 2016, we can confirm that no funds have been made available for the purpose for which they were originally submitted. To get a response, you need to complete a completed application form and send it, along with a complete explanation of why it is incomplete, to: Environmental Science, Innovation and Science Australia (ESA) Australia PO Box 3500, Melbourne VIC 3000. A full description of the process is provided on ESA’s website. Any applications which do not address all of the criteria are not eligible to seek additional information or for further evaluation.

When did this program start?

The Green Grant Program started in 2011. The Green Grant Program has been successful from its inception thanks to strong funding from both Federal and Commonwealth Governments and a partnership between the Australian and United States Governments.
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What is the cost of the Green Grant Program?

The program has been funded through the Australian Federal Government through the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy and the Commonwealth Government through the Australian Government Department of Finance and Competition.

Where does I send my application?

The application form is free to download and fill out, but it should also be included with your application for registration as a charity. Please note that a response must be received by September 30, 2016, to ensure you are eligible.

What if my application for registration has fallen outside the timeframe?

If your application has been submitted to the right period in line with the deadlines outlined above, then you can expect a response. We will send you a receipt. If your application is outside the timeframe, you will be notified and asked to submit your application again.

Can applications be assessed again after receiving a response?

Yes, you may apply for registration once it has been assessed; to do this, you need to complete and send an additional application form and provide relevant documentation.

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