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The Government Green Grant Program is a federal government grant program covering the costs of developing and carrying out the green development and green transportation (G&T) programs. The program has two parts:

Green infrastructure green infrastructure grants (GIGAs)

The Green Infrastructure Green Infrastructure Grants (GIGAs) are designed to provide assistance to local government, the private sector and other support organizations for developing and carrying out G&T projects. These grants provide funding that ensures local communities have the necessary investment in green, environmentally safe, energy efficient and sustainable infrastructure through a combination of public and private funding. In addition to the Green Infrastructure Grant Program, other support organizations include regional planning organizations, transit agencies and regional energy and environmental boards.

Green infrastructure grants must be repaid with the cost of the project. The funding available to states for green infrastructure projects increased by nearly $30 billion in 2015.

How are GIGAs awarded?

GIGAs are awarded in accordance with federal legislation. All applications are submitted online.

To apply, you need to provide a detailed application, including a vision statement. Your application package will provide funding information, including:

the name or titles of project team member(s)(1) and the organization(s) or organization(s) you are associated with

if applicable, a map of the site

an accounting of the project timeline, estimated cost, and schedule or other information for each project or project component

a detailed plan of project implementation and management

a clear and accurate description of the planned work and the environmental impact of each work

a statement indicating whether you wish to have your work reviewed by federally recognized agencies and experts

a description and cost estimate of the project

a statement describing your overall project value estimate to the federal government and the federal government

a list of relevant federal grants programs that would support your use of the project or that can support it

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a plan for a meeting in your community, community organization or other supporting organization

a list of approved or non-approved materials

a written explanation of how the application will benefit the community

How can I find out more about funding?

If you are interested in learning more about funding and how it works, this webinar will help explain:

how to apply for a GIGA

how to find information about other government programs that will provide support for your efforts

how to make an application to a state or federal

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