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When you want to make your application, make sure that you’re not only giving all the details of your CV and LinkedIn, but also give them all the links to your articles and any other content that you might have produced.

If you want to work remotely, do not give all the details to LinkedIn. You are probably the only person who can get that information for you.

Do not provide details of your school or school qualifications if they are in your CV and LinkedIn.

If you are applying to a job at the student level, do not include the names of the relevant university for the job and for how much training or experience the position requires.

Do not list your qualifications that have been published elsewhere.

For more information, see our blog post: What information should not be on your LinkedIn profile.

When should you take out a photo?

When you do not have all the detailed details of your CV and LinkedIn, then your best bet is to take a photo. This way, you can upload it (a few pictures), and upload it to your Facebook profile (even better).

And don’t forget, when uploading a photo to your LinkedIn profile, use the “Public profile” dropdown. Use your name or username instead of your email address. You don’t want to be in any way associated with this photo. For example, you would not want somebody to see your LinkedIn profile when they search for you on LinkedIn.

Do not upload a photo on your LinkedIn profile until you have fully researched the role, job and company. For example, a short video of a phone interview might be very helpful.

Your profile photo can be shared and reposted. You could also add a “meme” to your Twitter Profile, or repost it to your Facebook Page. You would have to wait for the LinkedIn account of the person you are reposting your photo to be verified by them, and this time, you can do any photo editing and make sure not to use copyrighted content. That’s a good exercise. We recommend the photo editing tool Snippet or photoshop photo apps.

How do I upload my CV to LinkedIn?

Please wait until your university has created an account for you. If you do not have an official LinkedIn account, you can create a free account in your university’s system or start an account via your college.

When you sign up for LinkedIn, there is a new option (in red

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