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The American Family Health Association (AFA) is the parent organization for the Children’s Advocacy Project in Illinois, where the new Children’s Advocacy Project will operate.

Currently the Children’s Advocacy Project is a partnership between the Child Welfare Services Division of the Illinois Department of Family and Protective Services, Planned Parenthood of Illinois, Community Education Initiatives Inc., and the Illinois State Board for Children and Families (the Family Division).

Children’s Advocacy Project is the first state-mandated program of its kind in the nation, and the first child advocacy center in Illinois. This project is made up of two component organizations, the Children’s Advocacy Project: a state-affiliated clinic that focuses on children and families in crisis; and the Children’s Advocacy Project’s parent organization, the AFA, which will offer a child advocacy network, a child advocacy and advocacy center and advocacy resources to Illinois children and families in crisis.

The Children’s Advocacy Project will provide comprehensive assistance for parents and providers across the state, and will coordinate with all state-funded programs including Medicaid and Social Services. With the expansion, Illinois’ child advocacy network will reach over 250,000 children and teenagers in crisis nationwide.

“Our children will have services they did not even know they needed, from crisis intervention to a free school lunch program to support from teachers and family members,”said J.B. Wood, AFA Child Welfare Services Policy Director. “This new initiative will make Illinois the first state in the nation to have a program of its kind.”

How does the Children’s Advocacy Project work?

The Children’s Advocacy Project at Illinois Children’s Advocacy Clinic will provide services that prevent, detect, protect, help, and connect children and adolescents in crisis for the duration of the crisis, as needed.

The Children’s Advocacy Clinic will partner with crisis prevention organizations throughout the state and foster an alliance with other community programs working with children in crisis. Providers at the Children’s Advocacy Clinic will be able to coordinate resources and activities between agencies and children and adolescents in crisis.

How much does the Children’s Advocacy Project cost?

The Children’s Advocacy Clinic will provide free education and services to children, teens, and families in crisis for the duration of the crisis.

Programs for adolescents include youth intervention training, case management training, crisis intervention and intervention services, information about children and family support systems and resources, case management for adolescents, and community-

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