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I do not have a specific answer for this. There are several points of confusion here. First, when an agency receives an FHFA grant, the grant does not represent a direct grant, rather, it represents a contribution to a project. Second, the FHFA grants are in addition to other grants and, thus, not necessarily related to the larger agency and therefore the agency should consider including a statement to this effect. I do not know whether a grant is a part of a larger project because they do not have their own definition of a grant, either. However, if such a grant could be used for a larger project, that would be a way to ensure that an actual grant is included on the FHFA website.

Third, there is a good argument to be made that it is misleading to include grants as a part of the general “grants” page. If the FHFA grant can be used for a whole project, the same would apply to the FHFA grant listed on the Grants section.

I will provide a better answer, in the final days of the grant cycle to a few friends in the House and Senate who have been working to bring an FHFA grant to the House floor for almost a year to help protect America’s children. This will be a short-term project, but we are counting on getting it to the House floor. We will follow the money!

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