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To address the challenges of reducing environmental harm and improving our quality of life we need reliable and cost-effective technologies, and this is where support for research and innovation takes place. Research and innovation is important, but a key focus must be on developing and deploying more affordable and effective technologies.

Some of the sectors we aim to protect include:


In addition to the protection of environment against harmful influences it is important to ensure that the environment is not further weakened. We believe that to achieve this requires greater transparency and greater openness about the potential impacts of research within and amongst companies. This is particularly the case in respect of research carried out on or in relation to substances, products and their constituents.

We therefore support:

Public education

A public understanding of the nature, composition and risks of chemicals, substances and their constituents.

Information for the general public

Information for the general public needs to help people make informed decisions about environmental management, use and consumer behaviour, as well as help them to understand the importance of maintaining the environment.

Access to information

Access to scientific, industrial, environmental and other information needs to help those using and dealing with different substances in their everyday lives, and the role of research.

Research and learning

Research and learning has the potential to develop new approaches to understanding and mitigating impact from environmental pollutants. Research that is informed by evidence from actual world and case situations could also contribute to better environmental management.

We also support:

Research for the public

Research funded by public money should contribute to public knowledge by:

providing independent scientific and technical evaluations

providing information for environmental impact assessment,

indicating the effects of a chemical on people who will, or may be affected by its application, or from other environmental factors and effects,

establishing links to other scientific research and knowledge on environmental impacts, and so aiding in further developments.

Environmental Protection

We believe that environment and health can best be managed when all industries are properly designed and managed and properly regulated, so that they are economically viable.

We therefore support:

A system of regulation for both private and public sector firms on both research and development and product standards.

Environmental education programmes to help educate consumers and public on the implications for environmental protection, so that their decisions are informed and they are therefore better informed and will make better informed consumer choices.

Investment in research and protection of the environment

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