What kind of grants are there? – Fedex Small Business Grant

There are grants that fund your own operations. There are grants that you can use to partner with the universities. Many students get an option of two or three grants that allow them to have access to the services of their university. It also has opportunities for researchers if they would like to apply for an academic research grant.

You don’t need to be a doctor, either. You could be a nurse, doctor assistant, a teacher, a student. All these services are completely funded through the universities.

Are universities doing enough?

I think that there are too few people in this country of scientists, because there are simply not enough jobs in academia. Many people go to private research hospitals and take care of patients, but not enough people understand the medical implications of research.

It is not only about the quality of research because scientists are making discoveries at the same time that patients’ lives are being changed. It is about innovation and discovery which are essential to the health of individuals and of society in general.

Why do universities have to take in students and offer them loans?

Many universities offer students loans but the government has given universities less funding than what they have always had. In the UK now, only 35% of universities offer full fees. They have to subsidize students through grants when they can not afford full fees. They have to pay the government the difference between the amount they spend paying out loans and the amount they get from a grant.

It is an unfair situation to say that students are getting a bad deal because universities have been given less funding than they should have or the government has been giving grants that universities would never give. In order to have good research we need money from the community to develop our research into new ideas.

Will students be offered full-time employment once they are in their PhD?

Yes. Once you have finished your degree with your PhD and have a job, the government and the universities agree on what kind of work you will be able to do.

Most researchers still leave their PhD and go into science, but I think that most students know that it is likely they will be working during their undergraduate years. Once their PhD is complete, they are able to decide what they want to do with their lives and in that area of their research.

Where do you see academia in 20 years?

There are more people in academia than before. They have gone through training so it is normal to feel at home when you have studied. Some

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