Whats a cash grant? – Free Government Money For Low Income Families

The basic amount of a cash grant is equal to the value of the property or services you own, plus any income you receive. So if you own 10 houses worth £1,000 each and have £200 income a year, your annual award is 10 cash grants.

Income received is a different matter; therefore it does not make any difference whether you or your spouse, civil partner or domestic partner receive cash grants or receive rent-free homes.

All tenants have access to the same cash grants and housing benefit, as long as there are no family members living in the property.

Why are certain categories of tenants exempt from the payments?

There are certain areas where tenants are exempt from receiving payments. Check which tenants you are living with and the type of tenants you are expected to be paying to.

Who is eligible to receive the cash grants?

The most eligible tenants are:


home sharers

resident carers

people in full time education

people in work

Anyone who lives with you and has you as their dependant, if on an annual rate housing benefit with a monthly payment of over £8.60, will be eligible.

This is because there is only one person (the landlord or tenant) receiving housing benefit, no matter what family members and friends live together.

However, in respect of other households (whether with any people or no one) you have to register with your council to receive the landlord’s share of the cash grants. This can be done online or by phoning your local council hall to ask them to put in a written request.

You will also have to register with the council if you live in the private rented sector

Is anyone else eligible?

Anyone who needs care in a private rented home is eligible. Carers, home sharers, or those with children under seven years old are also entitled to receive cash grants.

How many cash grants are there?

There is no cap on how many cash grants landlords receive; some councils impose a cap at £8,000. However, if there is a cap you will be asked to register to receive any council’s cash grant.

What are the benefits of receiving cash grants?

If you do not have the money in you pocket to buy a home then all of your rent-free grants (cash grants) will go towards the rent to buy. Rent-free grants can be used

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