Whats a cash grant?

A cash grant is defined as:

“any monetary payment or deposit made to a person for or of his services for any purpose other than a fee or a grant” in relation to which the person will not, at the time of the grant, be considered as a beneficiary.”

The definition of cash grants also includes all those payments and deposits that would otherwise be defined as grants, including payments for:

“anything else” in respect of which some or all of the proceeds of the contract are given to you, even if by the terms of the contract they are not;

an improvement, upgrade or construction that would be, or might be, provided to you in exchange for a cash grant;

your services, or the services of someone else who has provided them, if the person doing the work has given you the right to use or dispose of those services; and

any other thing, for example land, money, property or facilities, which would also be provided to you in exchange for a cash grant.

Your entitlement to a cash grant also depends on the nature of the work being undertaken:

“If the work is not done for a fee or for a grant, then the work is not a grant. If it is, then the work is a grant, if any, as it is paid for without a fee or for a grant”.

So if you buy a new car for example, you would not have a cash grant if you paid money for the car and had no intention of using or disposing of it. You would have a grant for the payment for the car and the car itself. This is because the car is not a grant.

If your hire car was being used “for anything else” it may also be a grant to you, although it can be a grant of service to the motor hire provider.

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How much you can get in a cash grant depends on how many things it is to be done. If a cash grant is used to buy, for example, a motor car, or a house in exchange for a cash grant, that could be as much as £50,000, or 10 years.

The amount is paid on terms that are designed to benefit you, but there is no guarantee that you will be given the grant if your work fulfils these terms.

It depends on the contract you had with the property or services provider.

There is the possibility that the cash grant could be used