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In the past the Federal Government promised to reduce spending on big infrastructure projects. In 2010 it announced it would cut by 1.5 per cent the amount it spends on each $1 billion in public investment.

In its final Spending Review the Department of Health estimated, based on a 1.5 per cent reduction in expenditure, that in 2020-21 it would be spending $60 billion on health.

The Government promised to reduce the level of public expenditure spent on schools by 3.5 per cent, schools and colleges by 2 per cent and health by 4 per cent.

The Budget announced it would cut health spending by 5 per cent. The health minister is expected to deliver on this promise in the Spending Review.

How much does each government save by cutting spending?

A number of government departments have already announced plans to move their expenditure to the bottom of the public service budget. These projects are designed to help achieve fiscal consolidation. The Budget did not identify whether any funds would be shifted to community service programs.

It would be helpful to know which agencies have had to cut budgets and to what degree.


The minister for health, Sussan Ley, has announced she will move $15.8 billion towards community service and school service in the budget by 2017/18.

She says this will be an offset against increases in personal health services spending.


Minister for Education Christopher Pyne said he’d make savings through his school reforms program – which will save taxpayers around $11 billion over five years.

There will be $20 million saved on school staff and teachers this financial year, compared to last.

The minister announced $10.7 billion worth of spending cuts this financial year.

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