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We were both able to take on an afternoon.

Pascal and I have played piano for four years now, and I still find time to learn new chords each year. I’ve been able to share a lot of my insights with my son (who is now 13), and as a result, he has been able to take on a piano lesson in addition to the other things he’s doing, including writing notes on his own.

What was your first recording experience like? Did you want to learn or experiment with it?

I started recording with my sister after I was done with the piano; I was very familiar with the idea of mixing piano with some electronic stuff and I just happened to have a computer at home that was a bit different from other electronics. I started recording with two different recordings machines and it didn’t take me long to find the sound of mixing the instrument in different ways, and by that I mean using filters and other effects.

We weren’t trying to push ourselves too much with that music so it was all a bit like what we do in the studio; both Pascal and I were trying to get as much out of the recording as we could. I ended up getting more out of it than I expected, in no small part because Pascal’s technique is more technical, and I was more interested in his music and its sonic properties. But I would consider myself pretty technical by now, and that makes it easier to go back to that kind of stuff. I don’t know that I’d like to go back and try to learn how to make it sound like a piano again!

What was your first recording experience like, other than the ones you mentioned?

My first recording was with a group called The Satellites, and the sound was super interesting. The sound was very different each time; each time I got more into the sound and more into the technology involved. It’s great when you’re recording something that you’re not sure what you got, and the different technologies made it hard to go back to anything I had been used to or to something I’d heard.

The sound that I’ve gotten better at is actually just my personal thing, and not a “technique”. It’s more about how I want to achieve a sound that is good enough to be a recording of a recording. I don’t think I was doing anything new at that point.
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How long were you recording for? The other day, you said you worked with the band Fazer

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