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Absolutely. Just like they know how to play the drums or play dance or whatever. Just like they know a great story or they know a great character or whatever. It doesn’t mean that they’re the best at it, but it’s certainly important for them to get to a point where they start to see what the benefits are for them and they’re happy to let this happen.
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“When it comes to a baby, it’s a much more difficult transition. You need a completely fresh mind, and new ideas and the ability to see things and understand what people are trying to teach. It’s even harder to have a child who’s not your own. That’s where the learning from kids is really crucial. Not because you’re not good enough, but because you’re not your own.”

The piano lessons and lessons in music that Stoller and her husband Ryan are offering come with a price: they are donating all profits from their courses to Child’s Play. It’s a generous offer the couple are sure to take.

“What we want to do is to give an opportunity for kids out there who maybe wouldn’t have the opportunity to have these programs to gain the information on how to get started. There’s something special that happens in your mind when you’re listening to piano that you don’t have while you’re listening to the phone. And I think with the right resources like ours, a child can learn piano in a different way,” Stoller continues. “It’s something that’s really important for all kids. Kids who would never get this information are having their imaginations really expanded on how to get started in this great game.”

So how much can your child learn in four weeks? According to Stoller, it depends. It depends on the child’s needs. It depends on how active the child is and how much the child wants the piano lessons. And it depends what type of parents the child meets. But at the same time, she says, it’s not a bad place for their child to be if they want to explore their piano abilities.

“If a child has always had piano at home, then it’s really important to be able to give them that experience.”

“We’re trying to bring these great courses into a lot of areas of children’s and families’ lives that have a very rich musical past,” she adds.

If you’re trying to give your child access to pianos and are interested in becoming a participant in The Piano Teacher Project, you can

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