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No! You must only be accepted into classes when we meet the following minimum standards:

A minimum of 18 years old and over, either in full-time education or an apprenticeship

A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent or a vocational certificate

At least 3 years of experience in teaching (no experience allowed as long as it has not been in the job for at least 6 months)

A valid passport

Who should I write to if I have a question about my school admissions?

A school enquiry is only sent to students once they join (if you’re a private student or international student, please don’t write to them, they will not answer you). If you have been admitted to your school, please contact us and we will update your record on the Register of Schools.

Are my application fees refunded?

No! As tuition fees are paid towards your final degree, you do not need to repay any of this money. However, you should contact the school you want to attend by email or phone to confirm that you have applied for tuition fees refund at the end of the semester (or first quarter) and to ask us to approve or deny your request.

I did not get an acceptance letter, can I apply again?

Yes – at any time, if you are dissatisfied with your decision and wish to appeal. Students will be informed of this opportunity by email.

Do I have to attend class in my chosen school?

Most schools do not accept all students. However, we do allow some students to attend classes in other schools. Where there is a school that you find convenient, you should contact us and the school as soon as you are accepted. You will only have to go to the school once and any other school where you are accepted would be the final course of your degree.

When can I change my mind about my education?

Not everyone has accepted your offer when it has come through, so it is important to have regular contact with the department and to make plans for changing education if you do not see any good evidence for the degree you’ve decided you want to pursue.

How can I apply?

Apply for your school for information on course options and courses of study. Please also read about how we apply all applications.

What do I need to bring with me to the school?

We will have school applications available online so please ensure you are aware of the application procedure before you

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