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If you’d like to learn a language in 6 months, you’d need to spend at least a year, although many people achieve the same with no more training.

Can I learn French in 6 months?

French is a completely different language to Italian. If you study for 2-3 years, you should be able to speak in French almost everyday when visiting France. However, before you go, try and find the perfect language school to get the best results possible.

Can I learn Russian in 6 months?

Russian is hard and takes a long time to learn, even if you are extremely dedicated.

Are there any bad things about learning French in 6 months?

French is a very complex language and some days don’t feel like learning, while other weeks are easier and faster than others.

Do I need to study French as a primary language?

While French doesn’t look like a primary language, if you want a full French education it does. You will have to read multiple newspaper, listen to radio, visit museums and visit a museum on your own, and talk to locals. If you have a French speaking loved one here, it will make learning French easier.

Do you know anything else?

It’s easy to read, but difficult to understand. French is very similar to Latin, having the same letters but different pronunciation.

If you’re new to learning languages check our Beginner Language Lessons.

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