Can I learn piano in 6 months?

Absolutely. It is something you can experience by reading a book or watching an online video.

I am in an online college course. Can I take it online?

Yes. You are not required to take a course online. You can take any college course via the campus web portal. (We still offer this as a way to continue your education, if you want to get out of a certain area or if you want to take classes in that area.)

Do all classes online require that you have a computer?

Yes. All courses are recorded on a computer, and there is video footage included on the course videos.

Do I need to register for the entire course for the classes I want to take?

No. You can register for individual courses to pick up as many times as you want and take all class in the same evening (unless the instructor requires you to register before class starts).

Do I need to pay for the course before taking it?

You will receive a tuition receipt, in the form of an email, at the end of the class and in the course notes. This is only done when you sign up, for a course you want to take. The student will not receive a course fee, either.

Is the course materials open to the public?

Yes. The course materials and other materials may be copied or downloaded by anyone who has a computer and internet access.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes. If you bring a friend with you, their presence is required to make it easier to communicate and watch your class.

Can students use a personal library card?

You will need to buy a book from and a DVD from Barnes & Noble. Students can also obtain materials from our library through the university web portal or through a digital copy (e-book or DVD) of the course materials. Students may also use any one of our library computers. (See our library guide to more details)
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Does the course curriculum or course materials need to be open-source for students to access?

No. The course curriculum and other materials (such as online course manuals) can all be used freely by students without permission, provided they contain copyright information. Students may even print their own course manual and refer back to it when studying.

Students may download the course materials and course content on a hard drive/hard drive/network, by using a library computer. (See our University