Can I learn piano without a piano? – How To Learn To Play Piano For Beginners

A lot of people think that having a piano is all you need to learn music. This is not true at all. You don’t need a piano to gain a musical skill.

There are tons of courses you can take online. You can listen to music online or with headphones.

The key to becoming musical is to take that initial step when you are learning a new melody or a musical concept.

Czerny - Practical Method for Beginners Op.599, sheet ...
If you take that step of learning something the first time, you will be more motivated to keep on learning. And it will become second nature rather than a new skill.

But how many of us do you know who haven’t made a musical step forward?

It’s not very many. I’m sure you know many people who are already a great pianist, but they lack the experience and curiosity to actually learn a musical concept.

What’s more, a lot of pian teachers will offer you courses or tutors at the university level to teach you how to play piano. But these courses often require an understanding of the music history to really help you with the musical concepts.

With the resources online, you can see all the great music works you probably already enjoy, and make you feel comfortable to play some simple variations on your own.

What do you think of digital pianos? Do you have any stories about playing on piano with your digital piano? Share your thoughts below!

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