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I’m planning on trying to learn the guitar one day soon so I can play it. My next task will be learning the drums and bass so I can play live.

How long and expensive are the travel and equipment costs?

I bought my plane tickets and hotel room before I left. I only do small gigs when I have money in the bank from touring.

What are your goals in music?

A solo album is my last goal.

Have you ever been contacted again by someone for a collaboration?

Yes. I was interviewed again from London (by the “Drummer” on BBC Radio 4).

What are your plans for the future?

After this tour, I plan to write and record another album.

Thank you for your time.

Have you ever toured before?

I would like to. I know I could still do a good show. I will see how it goes though. I haven’t performed in Europe for a while. I might just do a couple of gigs in a small club in London or a couple of bars in France and get it over and done with.

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(RefID: 00 01F6B5 ) Location Winterhold Race Nord Gender Male Level 4 Class Assassin RefID 00 01F6B5 BaseID 00 01F6B4 Other Information Health 90 Magicka 15 Stamina 30 Primary Skills Two-handed Morality No Crime Aggression No Faction(s) CrimeFactionMoodFaction

Slavel is a Nord assassin residing in Winterhold

Slavel, the “Skavel”, is a Nord assassin serving in the Thieves Guild. He is known for his stealth and a flair for the dramatic, with a penchant for getting into confrontations before they escalate.

He wears Imperial Battle Armour, a set of leveled heavy armor, and a pair of boots. He also carries a Steel Sword. His equipment and his face are unique, and cannot be sold to the player.

Unlike other assassins that follow a strict script, Slavel is able to enter dialogue with the player. He says:
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Skavel: “I’m coming up to you… I hear you’re very brave.”

If the player has already talked to Sl

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