Can you learn piano in a year?

I got very interested and started taking lessons at about the age of 10, I learned it as well as violin. But at a young age, I knew that I really was capable of doing something better. I began focusing on piano and then violin, I moved up the ranks to the major but I don’t know if I’ll ever make that kind of progress.

What do you love about music?

Music is everything to me. I like it when people come to me and tell me I’ve changed their life and made them laugh, I try to tell them that as much or more I did. I always like to be around music and it was at some point that it hit me. I have always loved it and played, but the reason I like it more now is people, especially new people who come into these clubs and people who live the music now, see me and go, “Wow!” and go, “Cool! That’s me! I like this.” It makes me feel like I made something that people wanted.

Which two pieces of music are ones that were a big influence on you?

Dorian Cunelli’s “Bass Concerto in C” and Rachmaninoff’s “Nuit du Seigneur” as well as all those pieces by Stravinsky.

What are you doing now?

I’m in the hospital. I’m in good shape but unfortunately I have diabetes (diabetes mellitus) and I haven’t been running. I have lost 2.5 to 3 stone and have some serious diabetes issues, so I have to get the treatment in, I’ve had to eat and it’s a struggle to eat, so there’s no money to do it. I like music, music is my escape, and life is really great, but that’s also the problem. It’s tough to know when you do a big thing you have to take a break. I just did a world tour, I’m looking forward to seeing some of the people I’ve gotten to know.

How often do you listen to your music now?

Not so much. I never like to listen and I used to listen to it way too much but as soon as you get to this age you’re so used to what you listen to so you have to take a break sometimes. Now I listen to it on repeat. If something sticks with you and you think it’s still good, that’s the time to jump on it.