Can you learn piano on iPad?

– Not really.

Can you learn programming on iPad? – No, it doesn’t work like that either.

But if you want to learn how to learn, then the iPad really can be your personal computer. It’s like your personal tutor. Not to mention, it can teach you just about anything you wish to know about anything you want to learn. Just think, you can take your programming homework into the kitchen and watch it on your iPad. There’s no computer for homework in a traditional school.

The iPad is my personal computer. I use the iPads because they work. They work on everything that I want to learn, whenever I want to learn. Whether I’m learning something that took me years to master or I am just curious about how an ancient Chinese writing system works, the iPad works for me. That’s what it’s good at, that’s the main function of the iPad.

It’s not a computer, but the iPad is a computer. It has no limitations, no restrictions, and it’s awesome. There’s nothing on the iPad that can’t be learned. There’s an app for every subject, but you can’t learn Chinese forever if you don’t learn how to write. That’s what I like about the iPad.

I don’t get the Apple Store credit. I don’t need to be able to call Apple and get iTunes support. But even Apple’s product support is limited when it comes to the iPad. There is no way to help support for any iPad product, including iTunes. I know there is an iPhone app for that, but I want to know what happens when they release an iPad app for a game that they make from scratch for iOS 6? There is so much to learn about how to operate an iPad, I want to help Apple with that.

So now that I know what iPad is supposed to do, I can be much more selective and pick the things I want to learn. I can choose to learn things that take a lot more time and effort – some of which involves going to class and learning how to sit still. But I do not see why iPad should be limited.

My parents have an iPad. I see how smart the iPad is. They are using it to watch my videos, to read my stories on the iPad. But I want a computer and not just a smart device that will do my work for me. I want to know what I can do with the iPad in my life. When I have a question